Rye. NO glass required.

There had been some sour rye dough hibernating in my cooler. It had been there about 36 hours. I knew that I would have to bake it off, or there would be NO breakfast bread: O, the horror. I hurriedly hacked off about 10 fist-sized chunks for rolls, and severed the balance of the dough mass into these 2 `squares`. 75 minutes later, at 400F this is what emerged. They had a lovely chocolaty color, and smelled of pure goodness. The breadboard , with the finger holes was made just for the photo op. The harvest table, for the board.  It`s a conspiracy. A wood working, breadbaking scheme.Harvest table

11911557_1643444232537195_1742882486_n 4 11922981_1643444182537200_1544513072_n 3 RYE AUG 31 RYE AUG 31.jpg 2


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