Rillette de porc. (Pork confit)

IMG_20150718_201745  Growing up as a Quebecer, in Montreal, we were exposed to french Canadian food. It is quite flavorful, with much of its roots steeped in French cuisine. I suppose this particular concoction is no exception. I had some planned work to do in the shop, but wanted nonetheless , to get this done prior to my GF arriving back from Montreal. She, being from my neck of the woods, knows THIS dish well.  I had purchased 4 boneless loin chops the day before. I sauteed a shallot for a couple of minutes, added some chicken fat, and 1/2 a cup of chicken stock. A half pound of unsalted butter was added next. Now, a lot of folks will say, “season to taste”. Id rather be certain, and season properly. For every 100grams of meat, I LIKE to add 1.5 grams of sea salt. I had about a kilo of pork, so you do the math. I did ” season to taste” with the pepper, garlic, paprika and sage. What can be deceiving is, the potage will taste different warm, than once it’s cooled. I also added about 2ozs of lemon juice, as it balances the richness, and unctuous nature of this coarse pate. The lot cooked for about 3.5 hours. In fact , I had forgotten about it! Fortunately, it is a painfully slow cook, low heat and covered. I took to it first with my potato masher, switching to my trusty hand blender to achieve a coarse chop. I cooled it for a half an hour , at room temp, then uncovered on the  bottom shelf of the cooler. Spread on toast, with some cheese, it is, in a word: Sinful. Sinfully delicious. Sins are forgiven, go ahead , you can be sorry later at the gym!IMG_20150718_201738 IMG_20150718_103518


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