Makin’ bacon

I enjoy bacon: the salty, smoky sometimes mildly sweet complexity of flavors that emanate from you. The aromatic perfume that you permeate the furthest reaches of the house with, are mouth-watering. I wanted to make my own, but without all of the harmful chemical compounds used for color, and appearance. I used a mixture of kosher sea salt, demarara sugar, and smoked paprika, with a little powdered garlic, to cure my pork shoulder. 7 days in ziploc bags and  flipped religiously every 12 hours. I then wiped the chunks off, (one can rinse them, as well). Another 24 hours, uncovered in the cooler to develop a certain tackiness , which will absorb the smoke flavor more effectively. 3 hours in the smoker with a mixture of apple, cherry and maple wood chips. Cool, wrap in plastic wrap, overnight in cooler. Slice , fry and enjoy with your ovae over easy!!!FB_IMG_1435253144248FB_IMG_1435253150552


One thought on “Makin’ bacon

  1. Sounds Fantastic. We have been smoking Salmon and pork tenderloins so far. That bacon sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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