There’s spicy, there’s hot…..Then there’s this: THE CAROLINA REAPER.

I love hot stuff: Hot sauce , spicy wings, sausage with a bite. Anything that makes my brain take serious notice , of what’s in my mouth! This latest gift, from a fellow FLANGLER, is nothing short of epic. This is currently the worlds hottest pepper. I was gifted with a jarfull of this Scovillian gold! I used a teaspoon full, mixed with 2ozs olive oil, 2 ozs vinegar, 1 oz fresh garlic, and a pinch of salt. The resulting mixture is positively volcanic. Cold, but scorching heat. Molten , chilled but searing once applied to your favorite food. Just dipping the tip of my knife in the concoction, and spreading it on my sandwich, is enough to ignite the oral inferno! Remarkable.




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