A little levain, and some woodiness…

It always makes me happy when A) a batch of bread comes out of my archaic oven , looking like bakery product, and B) When a friend is happy with some woodstuff , that I have fashioned. Both give me reason to be glad, but I suppose the woody creations, because they are a relatively new undertaking, probably mean more, at this point. I am still in that “recycle old wood” mode, because I hate to see a felled tree go to waste..That being said, I found some old cedar boards, and married them to some old pine boards. The result was a rather functional, if not glamorous ottoman. The second photo , is one of my friends camper, displaying some very distressed looking coffee tables. I am most honored that they are being displayed!  The last photo is of a batch of spelt levain, that I didn’t feel like baking right side up. I kinda like the outsy, opened navel like look of the top of the loaves.. just this past weekend , had the privilege to help out some friends at a local fishing derby. Got to make some comfort food, and weigh in some big’uns!

2401 image (2) IMG_20150605_184544663-2 IMG_20150605_184545990


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