Levain WW croissant

IMG_20150329_192621IMG_20150329_192229Having some time on my hands, as the GF is rehabbing after 2 car accidents, I decided to use up some WW bread flour.  Aftet feeding my 30g piece of starter with 300g of flour and 400g of warm water, I made a detrempe. It received a 2 hour proofing at room temp, before going in the cooler for an hour. My butter block was  then incorporated. 2 book folds, and a single completed the makeup. Into the cooler again, overnight. The following day I rolled out the units and gave them a 20 hour (seemingly endless) proofing.

A little egg wash, and into the oven @425. 20 minutes and they were just this side of “Tres bien cuit”.  Just the way I like ’em. They are flaky, buttery and extra tangy, because they’re sourdough after all….I can’t decide whether to enjoy them more with bacon and eggs, or a slathering of butter and jam!



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