Oat bran/WW levain


I usually make bread when I realize that the household is down to a few slices. It’s not that I don’t want to make dough, it’s just that life has a way of throwing other things into the mix…When one toils in a bakery on a daily basis, there are always reams of photos to upload. I suppose if I look back over  the last few years, I fear that there  are few NEW things that I can showcase on this blog. That being said, I made some WW levain with an addition of oatbran. Oatbran , the rage a few years ago, with its claims to cut cholesterol, and provide much needed fibre to the roughageless NA diet, is a family favorite. Sometimes a big ‘ole bowl of it for dinner, is de rigeur. Other times, it makes its  way into my Peanut butter cookies, (very,very good). 2 days ago, it found its way into my levain dough, to the tune of 25% of the dry weight. Just enough to give the bread some extra flavor, but not enough to make a brick. The dough could have maybe used 3-5 % more water, but I was in a hurry, between work, woodwork, and working out, haste was of the essence. I love to make a batch of levain, and give  it a sensible primary proof, say 2-3 hours, then an extra long cold proof in the cooler: UP TO 72 hours. Especially if the  dough has the addition of grains/seeds. The loaves were measured out into 800G rounds, placed on a dusted baking sheet, and left in the cooler for 24 hours. The final product is a tangy, oatey loaf with a little extra crunch from the bran. 425F for 20 minutes, then 380F for the last 40 minutes. A 15 minute cool down in the now dormant oven completed the baking cycle. I went with the traditional checkerboard pattern because, well, it’s sourdough, yo. IMG_20150204_224143 IMG_20150204_224153

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