Some sick day play (Not what’s for dinner).

Although my pops is still of this world, I know he must have another foot in, or at least be getting a glimpse into the hereafter, with his love of 56 years, and his Lord and Savior. I have been under the weather , lately and have been occupying myself with keeping busy using up scrap wood. My pops was a wonderful woodworker, and I’m beginning to realize just why he could spend hours in his little shop affectionately know as “Pop-pops workshop” . I am not a pop, but I do have a small space allocated for this sort of pastime. There are many days when I would love to pick dad’s brain for advice. If I allowed myself to, I could rue the years that I DIDN”T seek his counsel. Instead , I try to create using some of his old hand tools, and hopefully make something beautiful out of the scraps that I ferret out of the woodpile. Here are the results of my foraging, and subsequent playtime… From left to right: Rustic coffee table (under construction) using 150 year old timbers for the legs. A miniature park bench with some very old cedar plank, and several cross sections for the legs. A pine 4-tiered petit-four display, ready for afternoon tea at the tea emporium of your choosing, A stubby-legged laminated pine platter, that I sanded and varnished with love. Lastly, some scrap cedar that morphed into a tea light lamp. I love the tortured look of wood that has knots, and blemishes. It kinda reminds me of myself, rough around the edges, knotty and blemished, but still redeemable because my God loves me. Regardless.

IMG_20150128_121951 IMG_20150128_123332 IMG_20150128_123343 IMG_20150128_123411 IMG_20150128_123453 IMG_20150128_123512 IMG_20150128_123726 IMG_20150128_123756 IMG_20150128_123813 IMG_20150128_124117


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