WW Braided hurry up loaf….


Last week, after being confronted with a domestic horror  (in our home, anyway), the realization that our humble abode was bereft of bread, and/or similar, I set out to remedy the situation. Taking a break from my new addiction, woodworking, I hastily mixed up a poolish: 4:3 water to flour, and a pinch of instant yeast. I waited 8 hours, yes, that is a short wait in this home, when making bread! A normal cycle is 48-72 hours from inception to completion, when fashioning bread.I digress, once the poolish was active enough, I threw some more flour, eggs, salt, water and anothe pinch of yeast into the bowl, and mixed 6-7 minutes until a cohesive, elastic  dough was formed. An hour to first proof, then divided into strands. The strands then elongated into tendrils, narrower at the ends. A simple 3 -braid, and another proof, 2 hours at room temp, and then overnite in the bottom of the cooler. I baked the loaves  right out of the fridge @ 400, for 40 minutes  or so. The (ass) end, was immediately harvested once just out of the oven, buttered, and given to the lady of the manor for tasting/approval!!!

IMG_20150116_210301 IMG_20150116_220155 IMG_20150116_220212


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