Some fodder, not fit for consumption.

cedar 3 rier candleholderpine platter cedar jewelry tree cedar candleflytying bench

I have discovered something about myself:  I am not just a foodie. Apparently, for some reason, WOOD, the look, smell, feel and workability of it, have me hooked!  My dad, in his own right, was a very talented woodworker. I recall many times, loathing his love of woodworking. Probably because he cared little for bodybuilding , or the Miami dolphins.  I have found , as I have reached the age of wisdom/maturity (debatable!), some of Dad’s hobbies are now becoming attractive to me. Perhaps it is because I am learning more about him , thru his former hobby….The learning curve is steep. admittedly, but challenging. I force myself to try projects with a greater degree of difficulty. with the passing days. One day at a time, baby steps…I’ve heard those words  before, and O, are they proving the adage these days, with everything…Any tips, and/or advice is WELCOMED, from those in the know, when it comes to woodworking..


4 thoughts on “Some fodder, not fit for consumption.

  1. Anthony, You are a very creative person. Always enjoy your postings. Have been inspired to make some great sour doughs. Now wood working too. I am impressed. I have recently started some projects, but maybe not as creative as what you are doing but I am learning new skills. Made a great work bench,Potting table,Saw horses,little cabinets and things like that. Enjoy and have a happy and creative 2015 <Roelof.

    • Roelof, how nice to hear from you! I speak of you often, to my GF. I tell her about how mesmerizing it was to watch you ice a cake in 2 minutes, perfectly , I might add. God bless you, friend. I miss laughing with you at Thrifty’s. Good times. Be well, and please post some pics sometimes…Don’t be shy…

  2. How good is this?? You are following your in your Dad’s footsteps…and your Dad’s “hero” was also a carpenter!! Have fun with your new hobby!

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