In Rye, we crust…Well, mostly.


This batch of 80% rye, ended up with a sweet little crumb. The wheat gluten, (20%), really helps the loaf structure. I used a rye/ww mother for leavening, and was pleasantly surprised at the oven spring. The crumb is irregular, like typical levain, and quite moist , like a traditional rye.. The pleasant, but glaring difference, is the openness of the crumb. Makes for a really nice-sized slice for deli-sized sandwiches. Once again, All hail the sourdough!

Fotor_142034019243381 Fotor_142034030510657

One thought on “In Rye, we crust…Well, mostly.

  1. There’s nothing better than sour dough, along with liverwurst, good cheese and a little onion….The bread looks beautiful.

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