Double chocolate Ganache torte

A friend challenged me last week: He claimed that a friends grammy, used to make the very best vanilla sponge cake, iced with a chocolate filling/frosting. He stated unequivocally, that it was the best he had ever tasted. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I asked him for the name of the entremet. He provided a yellowed, badly frayed piece of papyrus, on which a recipe had been inscribed. The name “Dobosz” , appeared at the top. Dobosz, is a polish torte, usually between 3 and 7 layers, and is filled with a cooked frosting using melted chocolate, butter , sugar and whole eggs. I decided to make minis, so that I could make several, reserving one for my better half. The 2 that I sent over to his place of work, were devoured without much delay, by said friend, and his mom. The latter, (shown here), will be consumed by favorite food critic. I used a pouring Ganache for the icing, and finished it off with a little creme Chantilly. It’s very sweet, no, it’s REALLY very sweet…

N.B. Traditionally, Dobosz is finished off with a poured caramelized sugar topping, cut into slices, and arranged , on their sides, around the centre of the torte. Because this was NOT the cake that my buddy had enjoyed as a kid, who was I to tell him otherwise, eh?

IMG_20141108_204431 (1)100_1287 100_1288 100_1289

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