Pain de Metail, (Heavy on the rye)

IMG_20140924_001040I love to make dough, and stuff it in couches, then bake it later on that day, or better still, the next day. The aroma of NEXT day dough baking, permeates the whole house, and makes ones mouth water in anticipation of that crusty first slice, or even better, the heel!  I had made up some pain de metail, (usually a 50:50 blend of Rye and WW  flours). I usually go a little heavy on the rye, and add a little wheat gluten to aid elasticity of the dough…I used a 35% Organic WW firm starter, and my dough temp was 82F out of the mixer. 2.5 hours proof at room temp, then division, couching, and another 15 hours cold proof in the cooler. Baked at 400F, for 30 minutes, and another 30 at 350F..IMG_20140924_001003 IMG_20140924_000804


2 thoughts on “Pain de Metail, (Heavy on the rye)

  1. Wow, these look just AMAZING! Wish I could make such great sourdough -perfect crust! Yum yum yum…. 🙂

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