A pizzapie is born….

IMG_20140831_211307I love it, when the fridge full of leftovers, (read: condiments/components), morphs into a Sunday repast initiated with a phonecall. “Hey sweetie, could you take the starter that’s on the windowsill, and add it to the mixer bowl, then to that add……”. A crust is born. Upon arriving , I marched thru the door, to find my dough was but a moment away from gluten development. The rest was child’s play, right? Extract leftovers from said refrigerator, arrange them on the crust, and bake on a hot stone. Dinner is served. Thanks for the mix, JK XX.

IMG_20140831_211302 IMG_20140831_211316 IMG_20140831_211324 IMG_20140831_211330


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