Some organic breakfast love

IMG_20140719_112010  IMG_20140719_112017 IMG_20140719_112025

I had some leftover organic WW pizza dough, just sitting in a bowl, in the bottom of my cooler. Cobbling together a few ingredients, emptying tupperware containers of their condiments, is a great way to make breakfast pizza. Using my toaster oven, and some free range eggs, (I know they’re free range, because I watch them run!) Fiore di latte (Mozz), nitrite free salametti, fresh Italian parsley and chives, some chunky fresh tomato sauce, and a bit of my leftover, high hydration (90%) WW dough, this little “collazione spuntinale” sprang forth. One of the smells about Montreal that I miss, at times, is the smell of red pizza baking. That tomatoey-bready-herby-olivey aroma that permeates the air, and literally makes you salivate like Pavlov’s dog!




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