Father’s day crusty buns…..


Today started with a bit of a blue moment for me. Before leaving for work, I had pondered the fact that it was Father’s day , and my dad is in a home, with not a care in the world, as he has forgotten all but his most remote childhood memories…This gave me pause for reflection, and poignant sadness , that was easily assuaged…I also pondered the departure of my mom, for another world, last October….Needless to say, I was looking forward to being useful, helping some seniors here at my local retirement manor. Upon arriving at work , the subject of making a “little something” different for the residents, to go with their lobster supper , was broached. With a little cajoling, I convinced the first cook to let me make some dinner rolls. She understands my need to play, and I understand that she understands…And I appreciate it! The rolls are poolish-based. A little commercial yeast, minimal handling, a few folds. The recipe is based on a Raymond Calvel rustique white, that I tweak ever so slightly to get a softer crust. The trim/excess goes into muffin molds, and can make a perfectly suitable mini dinner roll. Apparently the rolls were well-received, and my favorite remark of the day was, “This makes me think of my Grandma”…I need add nothing more, as this melted my doh-heart!!!!


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