Sprouted wheatberry/Khorosan/Red Fife levain…(What a mouthful)



After getting the urge to sprout some grain, (wheatberries), from the local bulk food store, I decided to fashion some sourdough using the berries as a component, along with some other ancient grains. Khorosan, (Kamut), is an ancient wheat strain from the middle east, Egypt, who were actually the first sourdough bakers. Red Fife, is one of the earliest strains of Canadian wheat, which oddly enough, is actually TOLERATED by a lot of folks that are gluten INTOLERANT.  That being said, I made a   dough a couple of days ago, with a 5 hour autolyse (rest). Mixed for 6 minutes on 1st speed. Given a bulk proof at room temp for 90 minutes, then into the cooler for 15 hours.  After dividing, and couching the loaves proofed again for 6 hours at room temp, (Probably could have gone another 3 or 4), and were baked on baking sheets, NOT my stones..Mistake. NOT nearly the oven spring generated by a clay stone. The flavor is nutty, with a nice lingering after taste, similar to SF style sourdough, where you get a little tang, right at the beginning, then, just when you figure the bread has left you hanging, that beautiful Lactobacillus SanFranciscus adds her little sashay of  tanginess that screams San Francisco!  I Miss you, SanFran…Sigh…ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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