BM braid inner2

Buttermilk braids


1 litre  buttermilk

750g AP flour

30g instant yeast

Heat buttermilk to 120F, add flour and yeast, stir till blended, allow to proof till very bubbly. Then add it to:

2250g AP flour

1 kg whole eggs

600g softened butter

40g salt

300g honey

20g vanilla or other extract



Mix till a very sticky, but elastic dough is formed. (8-11 minutes, depending on your mixer)…You will need to place dough on a greased cookie sheet and retard it for an hour. It is FAR easier to work with , if chilled. Once chilled, cut this amount of dough into 4 pieces. Roll  dough piece out into a 14” x  30” rectangle. Smear with your filling of choice. I love cream cheese, with citrus or cinnamon.  Fruit spreads and cake crumbs are very good. Sauteed apples and crunchy granola , it’s all good.  Roll the piece of dough towards you, jelly roll style, and seal the edge with eggwash. Place the dough log onto a parchmented sheet pan. Cut it lengthwise down the middle. Turn the halves face up, so that the filling shows. Simply cross the halves over one another until you reach the end, Tuck the end under itself. Brush will eggwash, and sprinkle with rock sugar, or streusel. Proof until doubled in size. Bake at 300 until interior reaches 180F. You might need to cover the unit if it browns to quickly. Cool and enjoy with butter and jam, or better still make some killer French toast!!BM braid inner



  1. This is the best thing ever.Finally made the buttermilk braids today. What a treat. that was. Some with butter,cinnamon and brown sugar. Some with almond paste and crushed almonds and some with lemon flavored ceam cheese. Thanks for posting this.

    • I miss the proximity of organic what have you, from the island. I’m just about to bake some 100% WW, right out of the fridge, where its been since yesterday evening…..

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