Some good ‘ole sour rye and wheatberry porridge bread…


I found some wheatberries  at the local bulk food store. Now, in a perfect world, I would have a veritable carousel of wheats/grains of the world, all of optimum quality, and perfectly organically grown, ready to grind, in my own little gristmill. Alas, there is no cornucopia of grindables in a climate controlled room, nor is there even a gristmill, however I think it may be something to aim for , in the future. Something about a loaf created with FRESHLY MILLED grain, sounds very appealing…To me.  With the wheatberries I made a thick porridge. which I cooled, and left for the following day. My rye starter was bubbly, and raring to go. I decided to add a touch of vital wheat gluten to my dough. I find just a wee bit, goes a long way towards helping the gluten development in breads that are high in rye, barley or contain lots of seeds. I have made bread with JUST seeds, water, salt a pinch of yeast and  gluten. NO flour at all. This rye/wheat berry bread also had an addition of spelt bran, honey and salt, The dough temp, out of the mixer was 80F. I gave it a 45 minute autolyse, a 2 and half hour fermentation with 2 turns. A final 1 hour proof, with the loaves freestanding on a bread board. I think a proper oven, with a little more steam, versus water sprayed onto the back of the oven, would have allowed the seam of the boule open, rather than weld shut….oh SHITE. There’s aways next time, right?  Here are the pics, with the crumb. Not bad for a 75% sour rye product.

75% rye 75rye 2 75rye4


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