Buttermilk makes great braids.


I was summoned this A.M. 0537 , precisely…”Anthony, would you like to do a —-shift?  Sure be there in an hour. I considered walking, but the glistening sidewalks, and heavily laden tree branches, shiny with a sheen of ice, convinced me otherwise. Another bout of winter. CRRRRRRAAAAPPP!  I decided upon arriving, that I was going to make some comfort food, in the form of some eggy/buttery/feathery breadstuff. There are few things as appealing, at certain times, as a cream cheese filled braided coffee cake. I know  I wax poetic about croissant, and laminated doughs. But for sheer, appearance and “ECLAT”, a  golden brown, glistening braid stuffed with unctuous cheesy goodness, and topped with some glaze is pretty appealing, come winter’s morns. no?  You decide:

I used a buttermilk poolish, that proofed for about an hour and half. My main dough had 10% sugar, 1 % salt, 50% whole egg ,20% butter and 3% yeast. I retarded the dough for another hour and half, to facilitate rolling and filling. Jelly roll style, cut down the middle, then the two strands folded over each other. Easy peasy. Lookie here!



BM braid inner BM braid inner2


2 thoughts on “Buttermilk makes great braids.

  1. ops, commented with an alias I generally never use (please Anthony erase the previous comment and keep this one…
    wish you posted a pic of the crumb with the filling, I am already drooling here! lovely lovely bread. how come you ever closed your bakery shop?

    • Thanks for the compliment. After 2 years of 70-80 hour weeks, my significant other , at the time, became ill..It was JUST too much work for just one person…

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