What I noticed..As an observer, about people…Whilst in their shoes.


I  must tip my hat to my fellow co-workers. Despite being literally hammered by a vicious “Nor’easter”,  yesterday afternoon/evening/night,  I have been exposed , first-hand to some of the hardest working , caring people that I have ever had the privilege to serve with. When this type of weather event occurs, my newfound little island goes into lockdown. The highest point on the island is 550ft above sea level. Not much when there are 50′ waves bearing down on a coastline made up of red clay! There is NO naturally occurring rock on Prince Edward island…When the weather, (read: SNOW) falls, it drifts, and whips and creates massive , moving curtains of icy needles that penetrate your dermis….HORIZONTALLY. Despite this spectacular , (meteorologically speaking)i event , the folks at my little haven of seniors, performed well above their call of duty..It was both inspirational, and motivating at the same time. I even got to make breakfast for people that stayed overnight at the hospice….20 of them! A big ole veggie/cheese frittata, and a many rashers of bacon later, my peers were satiated, and carried on their duties of caring for those that can no longer do so , for themselves…I am not glossing over this occupation…Just trying to see it from the standpoint of an observer, not just a participant…I am , and continue to be suitably impressed, and blessed!




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