WW buttermilk levain

The litre of Buttermilk had been begging to go to some use other than just for pancakes or waffles…I obliged , and used it as part of my liquid for this small batch of levain…I knew the lactose in the milk, coupled with the soupcon of honey would give the loaves some great color, in my inferior home oven, albeit equipped with  baking stone(s).  I decided NOT to slash the loaves, but rather to proof them right side up, and invert them onto the stone for baking. I love how the fold/flap opens like a giant clamshell  revealing the gluten strands…








The trim, fashioned into a baguette, made for a tasty “spuntino” in the afternoon…


2 thoughts on “WW buttermilk levain

  1. First, I just wanted to say how much I loved and appreciated your use of the word soupçon! Also that I learned something … I didn’t know that the effect you gave your bread was merely flipping over the loaf and letting the fold reveal itself instead of slashing the top. I’ve seen it before, but was not aware of how to achieve it. Cheers

  2. Thank you Jeff…Sorry for the delay. A really talented baker in Santa Rosa , California first demoed this to me , in 1998. He used to bake large, super-hydrated rustic loaves, couched in linen-lined baskets. He used a wood oven, and would gently flip the loaves upside down, just prior to insertion in the oven..

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