Bake day blessing….


Today I felt blessed. Not only because I got to make a whack of crusty bread for my hungry seniors, but because I actually felt like a difference was made . By me, In a very tangible way…Whilst preparing the evening meal, it was suggested to me that a food platter of sorts, containing sandwiches, some fruit and perhaps some cheesy bits , might not be a bad idea for room —.  I didn’t really understand the nature of the request, until much later.  It DID appear to be of some importance, so I made the time required to get it done..I even had a volunteer ask me what she could do to help. Curiously, I had her pipe sandwich fillings onto small bisected dinner buns, that I had baked this morning. I cut a couple of oranges in half, with a toothy pattern making them look like an angry Jack-o-lanterns bottom jaw!  A few bunches of grapes. some pieces of cheesecake, cut on an angle completed the platter. I honestly did not make a big deal out of it…Just tried to give it a bit of color, and variety..When suppertime came around, the senior nutrition services worker, insisted that I accompany her down to room —, to deliver said platter. I resisted , for a split second, not wanting to make anyone late for the evening meal, but then said to myself, “I’m here to serve…However”.. I pushed the cart along, and made my way to the destination…The family of a resident had gathered for perhaps the last time, and this “tray” of food, was just a little something to make their “wait” a little easier…I was immediately aware that they were very touched, two were even teary…Cameras came out, and thanks were offered up like “Abba father’s”…I awkwardly thanked them for being so appreciative, and made my way back to my kitchen, the realization of how very blessed I felt overwhelming me…I had to take a moment to regain my composure…It is hard to watch people age, even harder to watch them die…It is a PRIVILEGE to be able to make their loved ones feel even the smallest bit of joy, amidst their suffering…I am very, very lucky to have been THAT person today…

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