I  tend to wax poetic about croissants, and bread most of the time. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I go for long periods without making bagels. I know not why?  They are easily one of my favorite go-to sandwich items, or breakfast treats. So why not have them on hand , regularly?  I had fed my leftover mother, with some organic AP flour. The liquid levain had bubbled nicely, and cried out for the “baglmacher”…I obliged. Using a 30% starter formula, and all KAMUT flour, with a hefty percentage of 12 grain cereal, I made up my dough yesterday evening. The mix got a 2 hour primary fermentation at room temp, and an overnight in the fridge. The bagels were then shaped and boiled in honey water this AM.  The first batch was baked at 400F…NOT hot enough. I then baked off the balance of the bagels @ 450F.. They were plumper with a much nicer color. I trust the pics will attest to that…


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