Hybridized pain de Metail


Because I am a dohhead, I get urges. Urges to make doh. Sometimes these urges manifest themselves at 0300 in the A.M. Fortunately, yesterday’s urge possessed me in the afternoon, as I pondered what to make, breadwise…I had fed a starter, once of the 3 , in my cooler , with a 50/50 mixture of WW and rye flour. I usually make a 1:1 starter, at 100% hydration, because I find, with grainy or denser breads, the leavening is often more pronounced with the wetter mother. The chef was bubbly, and foamy when I combined my ingredients into a ragged ball, prior to the autolyse. 60% dark rye, 30% coarse WW, 5 % rye flakes, and 5% toasted buckwheat kernels. The buckwheat has a fabulous earthy, roasted nose to it, I thought it would flavor the bread nicely. 40% levain, 2.5 hour primary bulk fermentation, with 2 turns. 77% hydration, a gentle divide and rounding, into a linen couche for another 2 hours, then 1 hour in the cooler…I was going to overnight it, but I think it would have overproofed. Final dough temp , 78F. 425 for 40 minutes, 20 minutes @ 375F, then 15 minutes with the oven off…The flavor is mildly sour, with a nice nutty grainy taste to it…




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