Pizza night moves to Thursday, no knead to worry!


I have been perusing some of my favorite bready sites, and at times have been very inspired by the breadporn that I am witnessing. There are some extremely talented bakers, both homies, and commercial. I used to make this type of dough, before I was diagnosed with type 2, and would fashion huge pizza pies, with oodles of toppings, and a nice thick , airy crust.  Alas, now the toppings are still on the generous side, but the crust has become quite a bit thinner. That being said, it still tastes like da bomb, and has that nice crisp outside, and the chewy, levain interior. In my opinion, there is nothing finer, taste-wise, than levain ANYTHING..Here are the money shots: The crust was the “no Knead” variety. Just flour, water and salt, with an amount of firm mother culture equal to that of the weight of the flour in the recipe.  Judging by my sweeties oohs, and aahs, it was quite well received! 

Local Gouda, Jarlsberg, mozz. Canadian bacon, local sauteed shallots, button mushrooms, marinated carciofi, roasted peppers, red sauce, extra virgin and avocado oil… 


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