Sweet rolls, from scraps…Really


Last week, I was experimenting with a croissant recipe. As a rule,  I use Xylitol as a sweetener, Because of my type 2 condition, I have to choose sometimes between sweet, and  grains….It’s a no-brainer!   One can fashion some pretty tasty stuff, using good fats, whole grains and a good quality , flavorful sugar substitute. That being said, back to my dough scrap rolls: As aforementioned, these tasty morsels morphed from some croissant trim that had been sitting in the bottom of my cooler for 5 days or so. I had been planning to piece them together, and make up some breakfast rolls. Now, I chose to use a hybridized sourdough ww laminated dough, but you can use any enriched , laminated dough product. The reason I don’t mind trim from croissant, or danish dough makeup, is that it is perfect for this application.  To my rolled out dough I added:  A healthy smearing of softened butter, chopped jumbo prunes, whole walnuts, a copious amount of Saigon cinnamon, and sprinkled Xylitol.  I usually spritz the dough with just a slight misting of water, to allow everything to adhere , when I roll it up. I proofed the rolls overnight, at room temp, in a 10″ cake pan, also smeared with butter.  Whilst Beagle # 1, was conducting his morning constitutional , the rolls baked @ 360F, for 22 minutes or so.  I hastily made up a simple syrup, with more Xylitol, H20, and a knob of butter.  The swirls were immediately bathed in this mixture, upon exiting their fiery demise! Here are the results…..Not a bad way to use up that leftover, eh?



One thought on “Sweet rolls, from scraps…Really

  1. So yummy…I haven’t got laminated dough in my fridge…but would sure like to bite into one of the “scraps” that you make….these morsels should go to market!

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