Lobster frittata

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Sometimes, when I peruse the leftovers in the fridge, I like to make unconventional egg dishes. There’s something about eggs, that lend themselves to morphing…We love frittata’s , in our house , and today was no exception. This particular one also had the benefit of some marinated artichoke, and roasted red pepper. Lemon grass, fresh basil, sliced shallots, and pan sauteed back bacon. The coup de grace, was the 4 claws, and 2 tails from some canner lobster, (3/4 lb), topped with slabs of melted island -made Gouda, and some fresh ground pink Himalayan sea salt. Finally, a drizzle of organic avocado oil..It  reminded  me of an omelette  that  one  gets  on  a cruise, or an all- inclusive  resort in the Carribbean..The sourdough flax bread provided the much needed crunch  to chase this feast…



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