Lemon curd, make it if you really love them….

LemonCurd on spoon
This fruit reminds me of my days at the CCA…Getting my baking and pastry training. It is a lemon native to China, and was brought to the US mainland, and crossbred with a tangerine. The flesh  is aromatic, and may carry hints of herbs like Thyme, and even carry whiffs of honey.  The rind is shiny, and the fruit is much sweeter than a conventional lemon. This wonderful citrus gem is in season like NOW!  The following is a recipe that I have used many a time. It makes a large quantity of lemon curd, so one may want to adjust the size of the recipe. Good eating!

10ozs     Meyer lemon juice+zests

1 lb    sugar

1tsp    orange extract

Bring ingredients to a boil.  Then slowly whisk into:

28 egg yolks*******Do not add boiling liquid all at once,you will make sour scrambled eggs!  Instead, whisk in a little bit of liquid at a time. I like to place a wet tea towel under my bowl, as it will keep it from sliding all over the place.  Once all of the yolks have been added, whisk in:

1 lb of sweet buttercut into chunks, and brought to room temp. Once all butter has been absorbed, cover with plastic wrap and chill for a couple of hours.  The curd will keep  for  2 weeks in your fridge.

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