The Strawberry puffwich, huh?

This delectable little pastry was one that I fashioned on Montreal, for a local mom and pop bake shop;. I called it then the “Strawberry puffwich”. It consists of puff pastry , cut into a square, and baked off.  The squares are then cut in half, horizontally and filled with creme Chantilly. Strawberries are sliced , and arranged on the creme Chantilly. The top of the pastry is then placed atop the strawberries, and dusted with icing sugar. A nice little drizzling of caramel finishes it off. Serve this , at your next dinner party, and your guests will be MOST impressed!


Next , I pipe in some chantilly cream for the filling.P3110026

Next , some strawberries are placed on top of the cream, and arranged to form a base for the roof.P3110027d

The tops are placed, and dusted with icing sugar, and then drizzled with caramel sauce to complete the picture.


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