The following is a recipe that I use regularly at LUIGI’s.  I have made a couple of tweaks, which I believe make it taste quite a bit better.  I like to lightlytoast my walnuts/pecans/almonds…..The choice is yours.  I also prefer  Thompson (dark) raisins, I find red grapes have more flavor than green grapes, and red wine has more nuances than a white , right?   So, why wouldn’t I use a dark raisin, if what I want is……TASTE?   I usually soak the raisins for 15 minutes in hot water, than drain well.   Lastly, I think the most important tweak, use MELTED BUTTER instead of tasteless, bland empty-caloried OIL.   The powdered sugar at the end of the recipe, is fine if you detest cream cheese frosting……DUH, does  anyone not want CC frosting on their wedge of carrot cake?  

Here is the finished product on one of our shelves:    I have taken the liberty of adding a little orange emulsion (extract) , to the frosting and filling….For taste and aesthetic effect……Happy baking!!

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