To love a woman.


Steve Perry, of Journey fame used this title for an epic ballad from the 80’s. I love music, firstly, but lyrics I find, often taint a melody.This is just an opinion, from a foodie, not a music critic. We’re not talking about a formula, proved right or wrong by it’s application, just one child of the 70’s opinion! Good reason to take it with a grain of salt.  Occasionally, whilst listening to a composition of note, I WILL gravitate absolutely to  the lyrics. This particular piece hits me right in the heart. My sweetheart begot this change in me, on November 19th,2011. I believe it’s about seeing “your world inside her eyes”..How difficult that has been for me. I find I can be very self-absorbed at times, (being a first born and all!), and it has been a learning experience to step back, and see things thru HER eyes.  I have learned to listen more effectively, to judge less often, and to accept her for what she is. I have never really thanked her for making me a better person for it. She has no idea that I am using this platform to voice my appreciation for her. It somehow seems a tad inadequate to post a long drawn out tribute on FB, or worse still, Twitter, where you get 140 characters to bare your heart!  I am not  only blessed, and fortunate to have her in my life, I am also encouraged that she is finding out things about herself that she knew nothing of , previously.  To love a woman, I believe is:  To cherish  her, for her. To seek to understand. To care for, and protect, and encourage. To help her to flourish, and grow…Things that she has done for me. I suppose she had me (again), when this song played the other day, and she came and just danced with me spontaneously, just because it was playing…I love you, JK  Thanks for helping to make my life an adventure, every day…



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