Cinnamon walnut kamut cookies

My sweetie has been craving cookies. I mean , one can only ingest SO much chocolate mousse, and cheesecake, right? Sometimes she just wants something a little more crunchy/crumbly to chase her tea…Being an obliging  food maker, and lover of said sweetie, I concurred that some cookies would be a fine idea. I perused my cooler, and scanned a recipe book, made the appropriate adjustments, and these are the result of my endeavor. The recipe uses the Xylitol version. You can use sugar with no fear, save for the additional girth that it will add to your waistline!Image

I simply substituted 225G of ground walnuts, and 400g of Kamut flour for the pastry flour called for in the recipe. I also doubled up on the cinnamon, and added 5g of fresh ground nutmeg, and a tsp of vanilla.  I used a small ice cream scoop, and flattened them with a fork.



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