Hybrid Levain on a whim…

I always have starter in my fridge. I am a dohhead, that mere fact dictates that I keep a culture in the back of my cooler. It means that every time I open the door, it whispers softly, “Feed me”.  A culture, like a relationship needs regular input. In this case , input is merely the addition of flour and water. Two building blocks of life, if you follow the Bible.  Being a type 2 means… Bucking  the flow, rolling with the punches, I could spout more cliches….But I would probably lose you! I don’t want that, no no.  So, when I set out to create things in my kitchen, I must bear some things in my mind:  I musn’t eat white flour, and I must avoid sugar like the plague.  If I was a real radical, I would live life grain free, but I still wish to have a life…Today’s bake is a blend of type 2 friendly Kamut, Spelt and rye. The first 2 grains are “Ancient grains”, that don’t play havoc with ones blood sugar levels, to the same extent that our GMO enhanced,  NA wheat does… (Sad face, with rolling eyes).  I used an Old mother rye starter, (just a fancy term  for starter that has been refreshed, and then re-refrigerated for a few days), to develop flavor. The blend of flour, with the added cocoa, gives the finished product a beautiful chocolate brown color, and the smell emanating from the oven, is both sweet and sour! Here is the recipe:

Kamut, spelt,rye cocoa levain with old rye mother.

100g old dough

300 dark rye flour

300ml H2O

Combine the 3 components, and mix well. Allow to ripen 24 hours, or till very bubbly. 


To your bowl of your stand mixer add the above,  and :


500g  organic Kamut flour

350g organic spelt flour

500g dark rye flour

50g vital wheat gluten

50g  unsweetened cocoa

750-850ml  room temp (75F) H2O

28g sea salt


Mix all ingredients together, as a straight mix.  Dough will be slightly sticky, and somewhat elastic. 1 hour bulk ferment, give the dough 1 turn , retard for at least 12 hours. Divide, shape, proof for 2 hours in Bannetons, or couches at room temp. Bake @ 350F for +/- 1 hour. Turn oven off, and let sit an additional 20 minutes in cooling oven. Here are the spoils, in all their dark hued glory!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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