Saturday frittata love, and a little reflection…

Often, on Saturdays I get a call to come in to work..I jump out of bed, most days, and hurry on over. I love my job. I honestly, and truly adore my occupation. I have been blessed to have had 2 years of training, unbeknownst to me, at the time, to prepare me for this line of work. I almost feel guilty at times, because I so enjoy my work..It almost doesn’t seem fair. I know so many folks, (we all do), that despise their daily toil. It pains me to think of the amount of people that go to work, in virtual despair… Yesterday, was another “Call in”, because the weather was atrocious:  Blowing snow, winds of up to 60 MPH, and temps in the -25 range.  I spent the day, playing, yes. Playing.  Again.  Certain days , during the week, are allocated for baking. Probably what I covet the most about the “bake days”, is the opportunity to make ordinary things just a little more special.  I love taking an regular, everyday dessert, or oven baked item, and tweaking it. Virtually anything can be enhanced. I have had the good fortune to have had a Nana that was a rockstar, when it came to making simplicity, in the most basic cuisine, come to life, because of the way  SHE tweaked it. Her heart and soul went into her food fashioning, and you knew it. Sometimes , it was because she made one of your personal favorites. Other times, it was because the perfume emanating from her kitchen stadium, was almost  overwhelming…I have been privileged on more than one occasion to have overheard a random passer by, remark that something  “smells wonderful in there”. It is the music to my ears that my soul craves. I miss Nana, immeasurably, but  try to carry on her love for food as best  that I am able to. That being said, Saturday breakfasts are my meal of choice. Today, after running out for coffee, (Egad, we were out, OUT, on a Saturday..Are you kidding me???).  I fashioned a simple frittata with the focus on local:  Local eggs, local Gouda, local elephant garlic, some Kale and scallions, that unfortunately, were not available for local harvest, the snow is too deep.  Some Canadian back bacon, and some very locally made rustic country sourdough. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the organic dark roasted coffee…Also local, if you live in British Columbia! Hey , at least it’s roasted in my country. Here is one of my favorite pics of my Nana, probably smiling because of the unabashed praise being lavished on her for her “Kipfel”, or “krepfel”, or maybe her “Palachinga”.  “Sarma”, “Spetzel” and “Pflaummenkuchen” . If you have any knowledge of Yiddish, then these terms probably bring back a host of memories of your own Nana

!  Image

….And breakfast was: ImageImageImage


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