My day , in a nutshell……


Some days, in my experience,  start out not quite like I plan.  0747, this AM, quite a while before my alarm had been set to go off, ( I mean, that’s why I watched the Sunday nite  NFL finale, till 0100 in the morning, right?), I received a phone call:  It was my very cheery voiced peer, from my locale of gainful employment.  “HI Anthony, I’m not  waking  you  up  now ,  am I?”  “Yes, I responded.  Now ,  have you something  nice to tell me?”  As  it  turns  out ,  a colleague was buried in a snowdrift, and their presence was doubtful, was I available?  Better for me, as I work exactly 603  metres from the front door of ——– —–. After a hastily gobbled breakfast, and some rather vigorous shoveling of the 20  centimetres more snow gifted during the nite,  I did make it in, and immediately was greeted with a mini –crisis:  There was no dessert made for the noon meal, “Dinner”, in these parts.  I set out making a rather tasty version of a starchy pudding that is normally cooked stovetop, but is FAR better when done in two steps:  First a component is fashioned on the burner,  then ,  the balance of ingredients are added, and baked for 30 minutes or so. The result is a fragrant imbroglio of spice, dairy and ovae that fairly shrieks “COMFORT FOOD”.  I  knew ,  in an instant that I had done good, as a seasoned resident reveled later on , during the meal, that they had not had this concoction served warm,  since forever. When the same was sampled by my colleagues, later in the day, THEY also were quite pleased with dessert. Today was spent “playing”, I mean   baking.   With today’s stint, I was entrusted with doing some required baking for a 4 day period, to cover the store , till the next allocated baking period.  I alluded to my frame of mind, earlier in the day as :  “Like a kid in a candy store”.   Sometimes    rather than just follow recipes, I will google one, then tweak it, or “personalize it”,  as I call it.  It gives me that creative outlet,  that  I so sorely need, yet still whilst remaining within the parameters of my obligations. I love straddling that line between too much, and just enough.  It is a line that is in flux, constantly, in my world.  As I busied myself ,  at days end, just tidying up, I had a warm feeling right down to my core.  I got all my work done, and then some, I didn’t burn anything, and above all,   I made people happy just by giving them of myself, and making that little extra effort that makes the difference between just another day, or one that might make them smile, and feel that much better about the past 24 hours….


2 thoughts on “My day , in a nutshell……

  1. another day, passes into another week, another month, another year….how good to wake to each day with the purpose of making it count! Happy New Year!

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