Fish dinner for 2….When you’re in a hurry

Didn’t feel much like cooking tonite. Christmas is almost upon us, and I’m just NOT feeling it. Maybe it’s cause I’m minus a MOM. Maybe it’s because I’ve already shoveled more snow in the last week, than in the last decade!  Regardless, I fancied some flaky, white fish and some jumbo shrimp, with some ** Patt-ing **  to  them.   I  marinated the shrimp(16-20’s), in some malt vinegar, fresh garlic and Jamaican jerk seasoning, along with some fresh black pepper. The fresh perch filets were pan sauteed, skin side down in some butter, and nappeed with some Dijon/cream deglazed pan drippings.  I also sauteed some coarsely chopped Kale, with nitrite free diced sausage, and more fresh garlic. It’s always a very good thing when your significant other eats the same amount of garlic as your’s truly, there’s far less chance that you’ll offend, at least this time!!


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