Sweet rolls, for the manor


Every Christmas season, as I begin to loathe the crass commercialism, and offensive goading of society to BUY BUY BUY…..I take a step back…What makes me HAPPY. is making something for someone, with the thought that A) It will be totally unexpected, and B) It will be something on their “Naughty” list.  Naughty , for me, is rich, decadent, caloric and excessive. Rarely good for oneself, but permissable at certain times of year. 70 centimetres of snow this week, the prospect of another 20 to follow, means comfort food is on the way, for my peers at the manor. Though I have worked with them for but a few weeks, I have realized that they are good souls, helping other souls to adjust to life in a retirement home…It is not easy, (the transition), and I am almost overwhelmed with empathy ,sometimes. This small hobby batch of Brioched cinnamon swirls is the very least that I can do to say, “Thanks for restoring some faith of the goodness in people’s hearts…”


One of the things that I love about baking , is that  great pastry , like  great people….Always come with a lot of layers…I love pulling them away , until you get to the center…More easily accomplished with a sweet roll, than an individual…I guess therein lies the challenge, appreciating EACH layer for what it is, and maybe secretly hoping I never GET to the center…


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