Badass pizza pie, for a snowy day…


It is snowing….Again.  Amidst  reassurances from locals, of green Christmases of recent past, the snow has been steadily falling. It’s not that it ISN’T pretty…It’s just so… MUCH. Canada is a land of extremes”  Hot and cold. French and English, spicy and bland….On that note, I decided on the spur of the moment, that pizza would be “De rigeur” today. I had mixed , and frozen a hobby batch of Buckwheat/Flax/Organic WW dough. The piece of dough was thawed overnight, then rolled out a la minute…Here is the recipe….

600G Organic WW flour

300G Organic Buckwheat flour

100G Milled Flaxseed

20g sea salt

5G instant yeast

670G warm water

N.B. I made a fresh tomato sauce, added Havarti , old cheddar, and a little more Mozz. The pepperoni was antibiotic, hormone and Nitrite/Nitrate free…The way it should be, no? A little sweet onion/cucumber salad with Tzatziki type Greek yogurt dressing, and a few caramelized onions, made the pizzapie come alive…


Blend dries together, add H2O, and  mix for 6-7 minutes in your stand mixer, or about 15 minutes by hand. Proof 1 hour, degass, proof an additional hour, and divide into 400G (14ozs) balls. Freeze for up to 3 weeks, or chill for up to 4 days in cooler. I like to use a stone, I find the the result is a crisp, but chewy crust, with a cool  “weathered/distressed” look to it.. 500F on the stone, rotate after 8 minutes, another 3-4 minutes should do it…Buon apetito!


I stuffed the edges with a little Mozz…


Some escaped, and tried to make a run for it…


The (near) escaped Mozz, was cooked to a chewy glob before it got far…


MMMMMMMMMMMMM…Come to daddy…


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