Ridiculously healthy PB/flax/buckwheat/spelt cakies

I just made some ridiculously healthy cookies, that bear NO resemblance to anything that I have made before. I suppose they might pass for a biscuit, or tea cake. They are Omega 3 laden, fibrous and not overly sweet. Here is the recipe, followed by 3 gratuitous money shots:

Cream together: 1.5 cups unsweetened Peanut butter
.5 cup butter
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 cups Xylitol, or Stevia or Splenda
4 tsps vanilla

To the creamed mixture add: 2 eggs, blend well,

Add: 1.5 cups applesauce, blend, then

Add: 4 cups Spelt flakes or Large flake oatmeal, 2 cups oat bran, and 2 cups of Buckwheat flour. Mix till combined, portion with an ice cream scoop…350F, for 10-12 minutes. They are somewhat “cakey”, and quite moist. A good slathering of butter or cream cheese icing will definitely do the trick!

Post script: I am also available, in season, for cairn making.

Anthony Kimber's photo.
Anthony Kimber's photo.
Anthony Kimber's photo.

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