Organic Whole wheat sourdough mini-croissants

I admit it. I am a carb junkie. Though a type 2 diabetic for 4 years now, I still haven’t completely gotten WHEAT , out of my system. I firmly  believe that the METHODS used , and the GMOing of the grain, not the CROP itself, are contributing to the epidemic that is Gluten intolerance, and Diabetes.  When I do consume small quantities of organic wheat, or rye, or non-mainstream grains, there are NO side -effects: Bloating, unpleasant stomach churning, all those wonderful symptoms (that I wil choose NOT to mention), because this blog’s goal is to inspire you to eat well, and bake for the pure joy of it….NOT to repel you!  That being said, I had a little leftover organic WW levain starter, that begged for a purpose.  I love to make viennoiseries. Period. Maybe it is just the rolling, and the total use of ones hands, to make something tiny, and delicious. In my opinion, there are few things as tasty, for it’s dimininutive stature, as a properly made croissant…Even one made from 100% WW. These were just little amuse-gueules of buttery, flaky and chewy goodness that literally screamed for more butter, and jam…Sigh. Enjoy the Croissant porn.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage 

2 thoughts on “Organic Whole wheat sourdough mini-croissants

  1. What a treat! It reminds me of my mother’s favorite confection, enjoyed on a summer Saturday morning, overlooking the lake, and always accompanied by a cup of coffee. It’s my description of “over the top”!

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