A Thanksgiving moment…

I have recently gained employment with a health care facility, here on Prince Edward island.  It is probably the very last place I would have ever imagined working, straight out of cooking school. I suppose at one time, I wished for fame. Spreading great baked goods, wherever I went. Having  “THE” place to go to, for that perfect loaf, or pastry….Being referred to in glowing, almost  reverent tones, when discussing so and so. Somewhere along the way, though, things changed.  Yes, it would have been nice   to have all of the above. I did the mom and pop shop, and my customers DID ooh and ahh. I do have a good reputation with food, because I care…Sometimes too much, perhaps, but it cannot be helped.  What did change , for the better, were my priorities:  Having been blessed to have spent the last 2 years of my mom’s life with her, by her side, effected a change in me, that I had not planned, nor could have seen coming, until today.  As I finished serving supper to the manor’s dining room patrons, about 35 of them, I pondered the vista…..There were a lot of gray heads, some leaning to one side, some bowed low to the chest. There was some quiet conversation, but not a lot of the animated sort. I glimpsed a PCW speaking into an elderly gentleman’s ear. He would nod occasionally, and she would respond with a hug. There was this genuineness about her actions that made me realize that she loved what she was doing. Her body language told me that she enjoyed  making a difference. I realized that this is my calling. I love to make people happy with food. It is who I am. It NOW matters not, how or where this is accomplished. In that instant, the last 15 years that I have spent agonizing over where to go , and what and how to do it, were dispelled in a millisecond….  My calling appeared crystal clear. Perhaps it isn’t ideal, and far from glamorous, but it drives me….God really does open doors for us, if we are willing to close the ones that WE have chosen. It took me 15 years to let go of what I thought I wanted, and just make myself…Available, to be used by him, for him. I am the ultimate cynic, and 2 years ago, the very idea of what I am doing now, would have been reprehensible…I am blessed, and grateful for having been shown the lessons I needed to learn…

2 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving moment…

  1. You are fulfilling your purpose! I’m glad you have the wisdom to live your life in God’s hands…what could be a better blessing to you, than to be a blessing to others. PTL!! Ellie.

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