Buckwheat, rye and WW croissants

Buckwheat, rye and WW croissants

When I see the following words in the ingredient list for a breakfast pastry, I am a just a wee bit skeptical..Last evening, believing that I had a sufficient quantity of SPELT flour , for my latest endeavor, went ahead and began preparations to make  laminated dough destined for some croissants. Just imagine my shock, when the shelf believed to hold said quantity of spelt flour, in fact had nothing more than a bag of Buckwheat flour instead!  With mind churning, I moved to adjust my methodology to salvage my mise en place, and hopefully create something edible…To my mixing bowl, I added some WW flour, rye, buckwheat and a small quantity of wheat gluten to create a detrempe for my butter block. The dough was not as elastic as I would have preferred, but , in the end, did make a serviceable batch of  “Matinales”, that will be consumed with gusto!   

DSCN0421 DSCN0419DSCN0418



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