Saturday breakfasts are the best

ImageIn like Saturdays. I don’t even mind working Saturdays. Sometimes they mean work at home…Baking bread, or making a cheesecake, or banging out cookies. Often Saturday’s begin with a comforting breakfast. Comfort, being the operative word. Comfort, for me, means something breadlike, or starchy that makes you feel full, satiated, sated.  I decided on Crepes, again…This time with an original Canadian wheat: RED FIFE.  This is a whole grain, stone ground, somewhat granular, and organic wheat. There isn’t that uncomfortable , bloated feeling with IT, that is normally associated with comsumption of all the hybridized. bastardized and GMOed wheat produced conventionally….In today’s market. I fashioned a cream cheese/fresh pineapple citrus filling for the thin, Blinz type crepes. Apparently they were met with muffled, full-mouthed approval…Image



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