A perfect fall day….In my humble opinion….

Making food, and foodporn aside….There are few things that I enjoy more than flyfishing for trout. Trout are both beautiful to look at, and a joy to catch , on a flyrod. With an idea of what I wanted for dinner, I set out for my favorite flow, after checking the tides. Arriving at the most opportune time, is tantamount when fishing in tidal rivers. I have arrived at times, to find my beloved trickle is now a bog!  That being said, I strung my lucky 5 weight stick, inflated my cadillac, and pushed away from shore…   100_0981

I usually paddle down about 300 yards to an area that has some deeper water. The rivers on Prince Edward Island, are generally shallow, and quite silty, (drainage from potato fields).  It had rained last night, so the water was slightly opaque. I arrived at my honey hole, and began fan casting, to cover sections of the river: Up and down to me, across and towards me,  down and back to me…This usually produces strikes fairly quickly, sometimes immediately. I believe by the 4th or 5th cast, I had a chunky little  10″ to hand.  I rarely keep trout, so be advised: This will NOT be a post about a delectable trout entree soiree ! For the next hour or so, I cast half a dozen flies or so, usually changing the offering if it didn’t elicit a strike after 6 or 7 casts.  I was very much enjoying the warm late October sun, and the fall hues, when suddenly ,I felt my fly stop, and the line stretch taut…Steelhead!  Steelhead, are anadromous Rainbow trout that spend a portion of their life in saltwater, but will return to their native stream to spawn.  Generally , the sea-run Rainbow are silver bullets, and full of p–s, and vinegar. They will often leap acrobatically, numerous times, in an effort to shake the hook.  This fish, seemed to be more of a Greco-Roman: Bulldogging, and submarining with massive head shakes, and tail waves..I suppose the whole thing lasted 5 minutes or so. The wonderful thing about flyfishing is : You are usually alone with your quarry, and time just seems to slow down…Perhaps it is the sound of the river, or the methodical casting of the line, the “Hunting” in the most Eco sense of the word…..I don’t know.  What I was thrilled about, is when the beast finally came to net, (aside from her 27 or 28 inches of length, and 7 or 8 lb corporeal mass!) is  that this magnificent creature, that was probably a senior resident  in this flow, now had it’s life in my hands. I wasn’t planning to harvest any fish on this day, but the fish didn’t know that…I ogled her, held her, took 3 or 4 pics, and then gently lifted her out of the net…She hesitated , briefly, and then swam off back to her favorite spot, probably under an overhanging branch, or behind a boulder.100_0970 100_0973 100_0975

As I sat back, and closed my eyes, I had a sudden immediate thought, no more of a realization, or so it seemed:  It was as if My recently departed MOM, had interceded on my behalf, and asked the almighty to “let me catch a big one, today”…After my moment, I got out the point and shoot, and snapped up a a few photo ops, as they manifested themselves…100_0976 100_0978 100_0979 On the way home, I envisioned the Kamut crepes, with sauteed Granny Smith apples, and Greek yogurt farce….The best combination of main course and dessert in a pinch…It was a very GOOD day!100_0961 100_0962

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