What I do when I’m grieving….


It has been a difficult stretch since last Saturday, October 12th. My emotions have run the gamut, from happy to sad  to empty to full, and back again for another roller coaster ride thru the process…I suppose we all have our own coping mechanisms: Mine is simple:  I make food.  It’s not always elaborate, but it is CATHARTIC.  For me, there is NO therapy, like hands on making of something to eat, and not something to eat RIGHT AWAY, either!  I had decided that some comfort food was in order, but as per usual, I wanted to try and keep it as healthy, and diabetic-friendly, as possible.  Pasta, was de rigeur, and something cool, and creamy and unctuous for dessert…I had some organic rye flour, so I cobbled together some fresh pasta, rolled it out, and cut some Fettuccine noodles. Dessert morphed into a big, beautiful 12″ NY style cheesecake. I nappeed it with some raspberry compote, and a little creme fraiche.. As it turns out, the rye pasta is very low on the gluten scale, and the cheesecake is gluten-free…Here are some pics of the spoils:


Dinner , was most comforting….So much so, that I fashioned some 100% sour rye…Very low on the gluten scale, and VERY TASTY!






100_0949 100_0947


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