Don’t just eat your cheese ……Smoke it first!

ImageDon’t like to just buy stuff , and eat it.  I was having this conversation with my sweetie the other day. I think one of the reasons I love to food shop, is because I only shop for COMPONENTS.  I don’t want processed, packaged, ready to go. I want raw, bare bones, do-all-the-work yourself items……I want  to come home and have homework to do..That being said, you can understand why these perfectly benign, and inoffensive hunks of cheese ended up in my smoker. Once I got a cloud going in mom’s old stand up freezer, with the seals removed, (thanks MOM!), the cheese got about 2 hours of Mesquite..I use 3 or 4 different types of chips, depending on the item. I like apple or cherry for fish. Hickory or Mesquite for cheese…..I love the way the cheese almost gets translucent….It melts beautifully, I mean , it’s Gouda, duh!  This will go well with Friday’s pizza…MMMMMMMMMMM.ImageImage


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