Summermoon coffee roasters inspired, dark roast flavored sour rye….

To quote their motto:  “The wood makes it good”,  certainly  makes a difference to this bread warrior!    The flavor of this dark rye, I feel is only enhanced by the best coffee  I’ve had yet.   I had decided to make some rye, as my supply had run low.  I don’t make it more than once a week, as it is an acquired taste, that few seem to have acquired……Here anyway.  That being said, I  knew I wanted a rye with a nice coffee and cocoa , yes cocoa…..Base.   My insanity is twofold:   Both provide intense  color, and add a nice little “Je ne sais quoi” taste soupcon , that one can’t seem to put their finger on.  I also added 6 eggs to this recipe…..Something I don’t usually do, because I always think of eggs for Danish, or Challah or Brioche……Not a dark rye.   The eggs do however add STRUCTURE.  When your loaf is upwards of 80%  rye flour,  extra structure is a good thing…..Here is the recipe I used for this fragrant, sour rye, made with my new coffee obsession!! 


              SUMMERMOON COFFEE ROASTER’S inspired 85%  dark  rye bread


40 ozs (1,200g),  rye sour starter…See my starter recipe, and use rye flour, not white.


91 ozs dark rye flour

17.5 ozs vital wheat gluten

2.8 ozs sea salt

3/4 oz fresh yeast

6 large eggs

60 ozs warm (90F)  filtered water

3 ozs good quality unsweetened cocoa, (Ghirardelli will do just fine)

5 ozs strongly brewed dark roast coffee,

basically a quadruple shot of Summermoon: Inferno roast.  If you haven’t yet purchased some Summermoon coffee, any old french/espresso will do, but trust me to really enjoy your loaf afterwards……The one to sip it with, only the Summermoon will do!





I was taught when making a rye dough, it should generally be a warm dough…Thus the warm water in the recipe. I like to dissolve the rye starter in the  water along with the  salt, cocoa, coffee and eggs.  I then add my flour all at once, along with the vital wheat gluten. I begin mixing and then toss the crumbled yeast on top.  This  dough will LOOK too sticky, at first, but  have faith…..It does come together.  You may need to adjust the water content, depending on the dryness/hydration of your flour.   What you want is a very tacky, but elastic dough.  The wheat gluten allows  for proper development, whilst allowing such a large precentage of rye flour to be used.  The eggs in the dough were a pleasant surprise, as the loaves were indeed  perky and rounded. Mist with pan spray and allow to ferment  45 minutes, degas (punch down), ferment another 45 minutes….then divide into 2.2 lb loaves. Either round them, or shape batards.  Proof again until the dimple that your finger makes in the loaf, comes back slowly.   Bake at 360f  with lots of steam for 30-40 minutes, depending on your oven.  Internal temp should be 200-210.  Here  are the money shots, on my breadboard at 0200 in the AM.



  • P6010024

  • P6010026




Spread this with:   Soft chevre,  some Havarti,  Mortadella and a little marinated eggplant…..WHOOOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!



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