A little stroll on the boardwalk, with the hounds…

2013-10-03_18-42-54_848Some days just beg for a walk. I usually prefer grabbing my flyrod, and heading over to my favorite trickle, or jumping on my bike, and powering out a 45 minute ride, just to get the heart pumping, and feel the ocean breeze whistling in my ears…Today, I got done with work with about 75 minutes of daylight left, and just knew it was a perfect day for a walk…Low 60’s, just a bit of a breeze, clear skies, and the smell of fall in the air…Leaves beginning to turn, the smell of apples baking, stews being concocted as root veggies are roasted (mine), and that inevitable sensation of the onset of the “hunkering down” time of year…Get your walks in now!  The thought almost shouted at me, as I walked to the car…A short while later, my honey , the hounds, and your’s truly were partaking of some stunning autumnal hues, and even got to write in the sand, as the tide had politely receded, knowing we were out for a constitutional!  After our hour or so of out and about, it was home to roasted root vegetable and chicken stew, some very chocolatey fudge drops, and a carrot & cream cheese cupcake…My day is complete. Nuff said.2013-10-03_18-38-48_639 2013-10-03_18-46-40_49 2013-10-03_18-50-36_802 2013-10-03_19-20-55_315 2013-10-03_19-21-23_646

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