What to make on your first day…

1st day baguettes 1st day pastries fendu 1st day first day bread levain 1st day rustique 1st day sconesFirst day at a new bakery

When I started at the little mom and pop shop, near my hometown in 2010, I lucked out …Bigtime. I had approached one of the owners with an offer to “help add new products” to their already expansive line.   They really didn’t need my expertise, however some late night assistance would be a possibility. I agreed to meet up with the patriarch, a kindly older man, with a sharp wit, and a keen eye for detail, and just what he wants..He also had a tremendously dry sense of humor, and would often antagonize his staff, (in a very good-natured way), to make the time pass more quickly, and lighten the mood…It worked! The agreement was that I would give him a hand for a couple of days, whilst his right hand was on holiday, and then, I could “have the back of the bakery to myself”….HUH?  He had uttered the magic words, and he knew it..Over the next 2 years, I had myself a test kitchen to fashion and experiment, and subsequently catalog EVERYTHING that I chose to fabricate. To this day, I have never enjoyed myself THAT much in any job, anywhere at any time. I’m not posting this to take a trip down memory lane….Well, maybe just a bit!  I will , from time to time, post “reposts”,  that were particularly noteworthy, or deemed appropriate for the moment at hand, if you don’t mind…The photo is from my first full day at work. As always, I sought to make product that looked good, had the right hue, and of course had the texture an taste to please…


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